Benefits of an Electric Forklift


When buying a new forklift, there are multiple models for companies from which to choose. Here are a few reasons why businesses should consider an electric forklift for their next purchase.

Benefits Companies Can Expect from an Electric Forklift

Electric forklifts used to be a minor segment of the forklift industry, but they have been gaining a fair share of the market recently as companies take note of all the benefits that come with using them. The next time you are looking for a company that offers forklift sales, remember to check out their selection of electric forklifts first.

Better Braking and Turning

For companies that need forklifts that can perform well in tight areas, electric forklifts are a better choice than propane forklifts. While it is true that the latter has more power, electric forklifts are often outfitted with better braking technology. Electric forklifts typically have a tighter turn radius as well, making them ideal for small spaces. With better handling, your company will also see a reduction in the chance of forklift-related injuries in the workplace.

Lower Costs

If your company is trying to save money, then electric forklifts are your best option. Compared to forklifts that used combustion engines, electric forklifts cost nearly three to five times less. They also cost less to maintain since they do not require tuneups very often. On that same note, replacement parts for electric forklifts are often less expensive.

A Greener Option

Last, but not least, electric forklifts are a greener option for your company. They have virtually not fuel expenditure, which makes them an eco-friendly choice for companies that want to do their part to prevent global warming. This lower carbon footprint also keeps your employees healthier since they are not exposed to the gases that are emitted by gas-powered forklifts.