Beware Of These Common Forklift Injuries

Forklifts can be a great tool for completing tasks around the warehouse, factory or at many other job sites. But they can also be dangerous, with thousands of people injured every year by forklifts. Most of these injuries occur due to negligence, or an untrained forklift operator.

Understanding the dangers and the types of injuries most commonly associated with forklifts can help with the prevention of these injuries. Here are the most common injuries associated with the use of forklifts.

forklift accident injury

Falling off the forklift

Riding on a forklift with a full load is a dangerous thing. However, people regularly ride on these pieces of machinery, which is one of the leading causes of injuries.

The person riding on the forklift can fall at any time, which could also make the load unbalanced. This makes it harder to operate the forklift and can cause serious injuries.

Crushing a person

The most horrific injury that can be caused by a forklift is when a load is too heavy and it crushes somebody. A heavy load can fall and hit a pedestrian, or could cause an injury to the forklift operator. Often, the operator is injured because the forklift tips over, which causes damage to both them and the forklift.

Falling objects striking pedestrians

When a forklift works high up and the load is unbalanced, a falling object can cause injury to a pedestrian. Everything may appear safe, but objects can fall further than you may expect. It’s important to make sure the load is double-checked for safety, especially when it’s high up in the air.

Running over debris

Just like in a vehicle on the road, a forklift can be sent into a tailspin by debris. Obstructions can cause the forklift to tip, which can cause major injuries. It’s important to clear the area of all debris before starting the job.

Running into a pedestrian

Those not actually working with the forklift operator can also be at risk for injury. They may move into areas where the operator cannot see them or isn’t expecting them, causing the forklift operator to hit a pedestrian and cause serious injury. Forklift operators should make sure the load doesn’t obstruct their vision, even if they have to lower or raise it.

These are just a few of the injuries that can be caused by a forklift when negligence is part of the equation. Just as forklift sales may provide discount prices on a used forklift for your company, proper training can keep you from dealing with a lawsuit over an injury or property damage. Make sure all forklift operators are properly trained and emphasize safety over everything else.