Common Uses of Forklifts for Businesses


Understanding more about the uses of a forklift before buying one can make your purchasing decision a much easier one.

Ways a Forklift Can Be Useful for Your Business

While forklifts are traditionally used solely for moving heavy objects, there are a lot of additional uses that might come in handy. Forklifts are an expensive investment for any company, which is why it’s important to know about its uses before buying one.

Materials Movement

One of the most common uses of a forklift is for indoor and outdoor materials movement. For indoor materials movement, forklifts are typically put to use in distribution centers or warehouses. These forklifts can pull or lift pallets of materials. They are also used for transporting drums, crates or stacked boxes. Different types of forklifts are available to account for any situation, from side-lifting in smaller aisles to transporting to higher shelves. As for outdoor materials movement, forklifts typically come in handy for businesses in the construction industry. Forklifts with a rugged design can be used for moving hardware, outdoor lumber or a number of additional construction-related items. A portable container can be used with a forklift to transport all kinds of materials to larger containers. Outdoor forklifts are also used at recycling centers.

Transportation Purposes

While forklifts are primarily used as a means of transporting materials, they can also transport people. Forklifts have recently been used as an alternative to platforms and cranes to lift workers to where they need to be. These machines can be used in this manner by business owners as long as they pay attention to OSHA safety practices, which prevent falls and other issues that can arise. Forklifts can transport workers to hard to reach areas or for such activities as tree trimming.

Additional Uses

There are a few extra uses a forklift can provide for a business, many of which make use of attachments. With dust mopping or broom attachments, you can keep your parking lots and dock floors clean. These attachments can also be used to eliminate spills. Plows could be added to the front of a forklift for snow removal. If you’re considering the purchase of a forklift, take a look at forklift sales for affordable options.