Forklift Safety Tips: What You Need To Know

One of the main factors concerning effective forklift operation is understanding how to work the equipment safely. Hundreds of workers are killed every year while operating forklifts, while thousands are injured. We at Forklift Nation emphasize the importance of forklift safety in all of our certification classes; check out a few forklift safety tips as part of your continuing education concerning these large machines.


Operator Safety

It is essential that every forklift operator receives thorough testing, training and evaluation. Over one-quarter of forklift accidents occur due to lifts tipping over:

  • Forklifts require safety inspection prior to each shift.
  • Drivers must always wear seat-belts when operating forklifts–this prevents being thrown from the forklift and subsequently crushed should the machinery tip over.
  • Operators must ensure the forklift’s load is secure before operation.
  • Workers must never overload a forklift, as top-heavy loads result in tipping accidents.
  • Loads require placement as far back as possible for stability purposes.
  • Drivers must operate forklifts slowly–this includes driving, turning and stopping. Sudden turns are considered dangerous as they can cause the load to shift and the vehicle to tip over.
  • Operators should slow down on all ramps, inclines and grades.



Workers on Foot

Watching for workers on foot is highly necessary, as sometimes the forklift’s load can obstruct the view:

  • Drivers need to slow down and use the forklift’s horn each time they arrive at an intersection or another location where vision is impaired.
  • Even when not hauling a load, operators must never drive up to another worker standing in front of a “fixed object,” as forklifts cannot stop as quickly as other vehicles due to weight. Accidents concerning a load falling on another worker are common.
  • No worker should stand or walk under a forklift, whether it features a load or not.


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