Keep Safety in Mind When Driving Your Forklift During the Holidays


During long hours on the job meeting the increased holiday demand, you may relax your safety standards or become tired. These tips will help you stay safe while driving your forklift even on long, overnight holiday shifts.

Top 3 Holiday Safety Tips for Forklift Operators

During the busy holiday season, forklift operators working in stores and warehouses are often on long shifts many days in a row. While it may be tempting to skip the usual safety recommendations in order to get the work done faster, it is a good idea to continue to keep safety as your top priority. In addition to maintaining your machinery or updating old equipment with a high quality used forklift for sale, these safety tips will help you to get through the holiday rush.

Examine Your Equipment

Checking over your new or used forklift equipment is the most important part of holiday safety for forklift operators. If your company does not already have a safety procedures checklist, you can make your own. Be sure to check the forklift’s brakes, tires, controls, steering and warning indicators before getting started with your shift.

Take Breaks

If you are scheduled to work a long shift driving your forklift, be sure to take breaks. Getting out of the driver’s seat to stretch your legs, drink a glass of water and move around for a few minutes can help to minimize tension in your muscles. It also gives you a chance to review your safety procedures and clear your head so that you can be at your peak performance as a forklift operator.

Beware of Hazards

During the holidays, warehouses are a hub of activity. There may be more pallets and boxes stacked on the floor than usual, and you may not notice these. Look out ahead of where you are driving and scan for anything on the floor or to the sides that could get in your way. Beware of water or spilled liquids on the floor, as these may cause you to lose traction. Be sure to sound your horn, as seasonal employees may not know to look out for the forklift.