Make Sure Your Employees Know How to Operate a California Forklift

What happens when you operate an unsteady unreliable forklift? You lose about $1,106,400 worth of wine. The Sparky Marquis wine company of Australia suffered a large loss when a forklift carrying 5,532 bottles of top shelf wine became unsteady dropping all but one case of wine onto the cold warehouse floor. Over one-third of Marquis’ annual output shattered into bits of glass and pools of red. Marquis himself was called in to witness the aftermath of what had happened. “It was like a murder scene. There was red everywhere,” Marquis exclaimed. The Sparky Marquis Wine Company was planning to launch a sale of their premium wine into the United States market, but after the accident, this dream may no longer be transformed into reality in the near future and all of this because of a forklift problem. Of course, the first thing anyone would ask about the accident is if there was anything anyone could have done to prevent it?

In the case of the Sparky Marquis Wine Company, it is difficult to place blame. Did the maintenance man not do his job, was it the forklift operator or was it just one of those things that no one could have known or stopped? All forklifts will eventually break down, but with scheduled maintenance, the availability of in-house repairs and good professional forklift operators, you can greatly decrease your chance of accidentally destroying goods and merchandise as well as lose grandiose amounts of money.

California Forklift

The California forklift warehouse or business owners should look for do not necessarily have to be brand new models although they are less likely to break down. The Forklift Nation Warehouse Supply Company can offer fully operable used forklifts so that you don’t have to spend so much on a new vehicle. These forklifts are guaranteed to perform and do their job and so you don’t have to worry about spending that extra money buying a new model or losing money from accidentally damaging goods.

The West Covina forklift warehouse or business owners need may also be rented instead of purchased. Renting a forklift is a good idea if you do not have an in-house mechanic or you do not want to spend time worrying about hiring a mechanic to do repairs and maintenance. Usually, forklift rental companies will help you with repairs and maintenance. Also, it is very cost effective to rent instead of purchase.

Whether you’re a warehouse or distribution company who owns a brand new forklift, a used one, or a rental vehicle, it is very important to spend a bit of extra time making sure that your forklifts are operable and that they are able to perform their duties before sending them out to work. Of course, sometimes you can never know exactly what is going to happen, but preparation will decrease the likelihood that you will ever suffer from and accident caused by a forklift. So, the forklifts California business owners use should always be routinely checked.