Renting vs. Buying a Forklift

The day you realize you need a forklift, is the day you will have to find the answer to a simple question. Should you invest in purchasing a forklift or are forklift rentals the better option? There are some people who are better off purchasing one and some people who should just rent one. You have to decide what is better for your situation.


Purchasing a Certified Pre-owned Forklift

You can save money by purchasing a used forklift instead of a new one. This is a perfect option of your budget is tight and you know you need to use the forklift a handful of times, but don’t really need a brand new model.

You also need to ask yourself what kind of shape the used forklift is in. Is it really going to meet all of your needs? What happens if you invest in the used forklift and it stops working in a few months?

Renting a Forklift

When you are trying to decide if renting a forklift is a good idea, you need to ask yourself how often you are going to be using the forklift. Renting a forklift is going to be expensive if you need it for a handful of jobs on several different days. The real question is: are you actually saving money by renting the forklift every time you need to use it?

In some cases, renting a forklift on occasion is cheaper. It really just comes down to how much you need that forklift.

The unfortunate truth is that a lot of people stick to renting a forklift because renting it over and over is a lot of smaller bills which are easier to afford. If you add up a handful of those bills you are going to see all of the money you could have put towards purchasing your own forklift instead.

Can You Get Financial Assistance?

If you have good credit, there is no reason why you could not get financial assistance towards purchasing a new forklift. It is definitely worth looking at all of your options before you make any serious financial decisions.

Any way you slice this dilemma, there is never going to be a 100 percent right answer. Even if buying a forklift would be better than continuing to rent one, you might not be able to afford it. The best thing you can do for yourself is just to trust your own instincts.