Repairing Forklift Batteries

When considering changing the battery in your forklift, there are a number of things to keep in mind. A battery in a forklift is comparable to those in a car, but they are bigger in size and are not as easy to repair or refurbish. Forklifts have deep cycle batteries, meaning no damage will be caused by the battery when they are discharged below average levels.

All refurbishments that go beyond cleaning, replacing fluids or removing sulfation should be handled by an expert. Here are some tips on how to properly repair your forklift battery. These tips could be very useful when inquiring about a used forklift for sale, as you will know exactly how much life the battery has left.

checking forklift battery

Testing the battery

If your forklift begins acting strange, a good place to start is the battery. Any type of battery malfunction could cause the forklift to have multiple unintended symptoms. If the battery is performing at levels that are below 80{20514508106287dfb893bed48a1dcd27cc0807a1f06d58e7551de6b0ad5aea3a}, then it is time to begin taking steps towards maintaining the battery. Repairs on forklift batteries are equal to those used to repair car batteries.

Decreased water levels

Decreased water levels are a common reason for batteries to malfunction. If left unattended, this issue can cause irreversible damage. The outside of the “plates” will start to sear if the battery becomes dry, which will cause lasting effects by isolating the portion that is flooded. When levels go back to normal, the damage can sometimes remain. This can cause issues with the battery losing water quickly and result in the forklift over heating.

To deter the battery from becoming dry, you will need to increase water before and after cleaning. Ensure you only add enough to protect the perforated splash guard, as you never want to over fill it. A hydrometer will give you the details of when fluids are 30{20514508106287dfb893bed48a1dcd27cc0807a1f06d58e7551de6b0ad5aea3a} sulfuric acid and 70{20514508106287dfb893bed48a1dcd27cc0807a1f06d58e7551de6b0ad5aea3a} water.


You do not want to over charge your forklift battery. As a general rule, batteries are made to last 1,500 charge cycles over a five year span. Never charge a battery unless it is necessary, as this will cause the battery life to be reduced by 50{20514508106287dfb893bed48a1dcd27cc0807a1f06d58e7551de6b0ad5aea3a}.

Too much water

When you add too much water to the battery, you could cause damage by washing out cell electrolytes, dilute the acid, and increase corrosion to the point that the battery is no longer functional. For more information, give us a call today at (888) 329-5438.