The Benefits of a Forklift Maintenance Program


Maintaining a forklift can actually be a lot harder than you think. While some people immediately suggest investing in a maintenance program, it is important to know more about what you are getting before you hand over your money.

Do You Really Need a Forklift Maintenance Program?

Maintaining a forklift can be very complicated, especially if you aren’t already familiar with heavy machinery. If you just purchased a used forklift, you may be tempted to make repairs and perform routine maintenance yourself. Unless you are very experienced, you should consider turning this over to an expert.

What is a Forklift Maintenance Program?

Maintenance programs are designed to ensure your forklift is always operating to the best of its ability. Usually run by an experienced manufacturer or distributor, these programs work to keep track of routine maintenance procedures done on your equipment. Programs usually include a detailed inspection of the forklift, worn part replacement and cleaning. Each maintenance package is a little different, but they usually involve servicing the machine at least twice per year.

How Maintenance Programs Save Money

The biggest benefit of investing in a maintenance program is the overall savings it can bring your company. Even if you just bought a used forklift for sale , you will still need to replace parts on the machine eventually. Maintenance programs are designed to extend the life of each part. As a bonus, most companies offer discounts on parts or labor to those enrolled in a maintenance program, which helps you save even more.

Maintenance Programs Prevent Problems

Prevention is crucial when it comes to heavy machinery. Like most machines, forklifts contain dozens of small, intricate parts that affect how the vehicle moves, drives and lifts. Should one of these tiny pieces become damaged, they can cause a lot of inconveniences. Not only do you risk further damaging the machine, you risk not being able to use it while it is being repaired.

Maintenance programs help you prevent damage by checking all the components on a regular basis. This helps keep you and your machine safe as you continue to use it every day. If you just bought a forklift for your company, investing in a proper maintenance program can save you from a lot of headaches later.