Things You’ll Need a Forklift to Carry: The World’s Largest Snake

The Reptile Discovery Center at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park created an exhibit of what they believe to be the world’s largest snake to have ever existed on earth.  Weighing one and a half tons and with a length of 48-feet, you can only imagine what this predator consumed to stay healthy and strong.  No feeble rodents would have satisfied this massive creature!

The snake was named Titanoba and a special was dedicated to its discovery via the Smithsonian Channel this past March.  Discovered in La Guajira, Colombia these were the most intimating snake remains to have ever been found of an Anaconda species.  An actual recreation can now be found at the National Museum of Natural History for curious spectators. Imagine the Riverside forklift staff that needed to execute this gigantic reconstruction.