Tips for Safe Forklift Operation

When they are used properly, forklifts are extremely useful pieces of warehouse machinery that increase efficiency and productivity. When they are used improperly, however, they have the potential to cause serious injury to both the operator as well as other employees in the warehouse. The below tips, though they may sound like matters of common sense, are often overlooked by forklift operators. For the safety of everyone in vicinity, keep these in mind next time you start up a forklift.


Examine the Forklift Before Use

Before you start up your forklift for use, preform a routine checkup. Examine the brakes, steering system, controls, warning features and tires. If you notice anything out of the ordinary or something that needs repair, notify management immediately and refrain from using it until it’s fixed.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Proper clothing is often overlooked as a “high risk,” but dressing for the job is extremely important. “Proper clothing” includes (but is not limited to) a hard hat, safety shoes, and a high visibility jacket. Avoid loose clothing, as the material can get caught in the moving parts of the machinery and lead to injury.


Before parking the forklift back in its designated spot, fully lower the forks and apply the parking break. Under no circumstances should the forklift be left running while unattended. If and when the forklift needs refueling, switch it off prior to doing so in a designated location to ensure safety of warehouse staff.

Though most of these safety tips seem like matters of common sense, failure to abide leads to a hefty amount of forklift-related injuries annually. If you have yet to purchase a forklift for your warehouse, Forklift Nation has got you covered. Forklift Nation is the go-to for used forklift sales in Southern California. Give us a call today and get on the path to warehouse efficiency!