Tricks of the Trade for Organizing All the Stuff in Your Garage

Learn how to keep all of the items in your garage organized, so you can find what you need. These top tricks from organization experts will make it easy to sort through what you have and organize it in a way that makes sense to you.

Three Tricks to Organize Everything in Your Garage

When you’re not sure of where to put something inside the house, it often ends up being stashed inside of the garage, with the plan to put it away later. Now is a great time to organize your garage and get everything put into its place, whether it is on a new shelving unit or into a storage bin. These three tips will help you get started on getting your garage organized and making it more functional and useful for you.

Tall Shelving Systems

Tall shelving units maximize your floor space and your storage areas. Choose tough and strong shelving systems that can hold 100 pounds or more on each shelf. These systems are excellent for storing sports equipment, lawn and garden supplies and items purchased in bulk, such as paper towels. If you’re not able to reach the highest shelves, consider a used forklift for sale so you can have access to your items any time.

Storage Bins

Choose clear storage bins to put on the shelving units. Clear bins allow you to see exactly what’s inside so you don’t have to rummage through several bins searching for one specific tool or item. Bins help to corral things that are difficult to place on shelves, such as balls or bags of lawn fertilizer.

Wall-mounted Systems

For small items that are frequently used, a piece of mounted pegboard is a helpful organizational tool. Attach hooks through the holes of the pegboard and hang items such as wrenches and other hand tools. You can also purchase organizational systems that mount on the wall and hold brooms, dustpans, shovels, clippers and rakes. These systems help keep your tools in good repair. By clearing off the floor space in your garage, you’ll have room for bikes and cars.