Things You'll Need a Forklift to Carry: The World's Largest Pinata

Ever wonder how some of those crazy exhibitions and statues were put together?  How did they possible get there in the first place?  Secondly, when it comes to maintenance, how do they possible touch up the paint or replace broken facets?  Well, dedicated individuals use a Los Angeles forklift to take them to extreme heights so fixes can be done quickly, effectively and precisely.

Of course not all of the world’s largest items demand forklift services, but this is hands down one of them:

It is the world’s largest pinata and it is housed in Philadelphia, PA.  The intricacies in this piece of art are incredible, but it certainly needs to be serviced!

Giant Pinata

photo by gamerscoreblog

It is estimated to weigh about 10,000 pounds (8,000 attributed to the candy inside) and was revealed back in 2008. Candy anyone?