What Should You Consider when Selecting a Forklift Battery?

A forklift is a pretty large investment. Naturally, this means you should want to do everything you can to preserve your forklift. One step that needs to be taken to keep your forklift happy and healthy is choosing the right battery. Here are the things you need to consider when browsing forklift batteries for the best option.

Forklift Batteries

The Source of the Battery

Where did the battery charger come from? It is important for a charger and a battery to be made by the same manufacturer. There can be electronic issues when you try to use a charger with a battery that were not made by the same supplier. It is not uncommon for batteries to catch on fire when they are not used with the right charger.

Determine the Final Cost

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the battery, the charger, and the cables to all be sold separately. This means you will need to figure out the cost of each and add them together. This does make shopping for the best forklift batteries a little more complicated. You just have to make note of everything to ensure that you stay within your budget for the new batteries.

Pay Attention to the Output Cables

The output cables are what you use to connect the battery charger to the forklift. Obviously, you need to make sure the cables are long enough to reach from the charger to the forklift. While it is common for battery chargers to come with output cables, they tend to come with short cables. This just means you are going to need to consider shopping for long output cables to go with your new charger.

Match the Battery and the Charger

You need to be 100 percent certain the battery and the charger go together. If you skip this step, you are going to end up reducing the overall lifespan of the new battery you just purchased. Not getting a battery and a charger that are compatible will increase the risk of overcharging or undercharging the battery as well.

Shopping for a new battery for your forklift is not something that is meant to be a quick shopping trip. If you do not put enough time and effort into picking the right battery, you could end up harming the forklift. You could also end up wasting money on a battery you cannot use or you will not get to use for very long.