When It Comes to Used Forklifts Remember Safety First!

Any time people pick up a new skill, such as driving a car or operating a forklift, there’s always a period of adjustment and hesitation while they get comfortable with the mechanics and the rules of safety. After a while, though, even the most conscientious operator gets lax and in a hurry. It’s easy to get complacent and think, “Oh, I’m just going a few feet. I’ve done this a million times. Everything will be fine.” Complacency in a work environment where heavy machinery is involved can be deadly; here are some tips to avoid forklift accidents from Forklift Nation!

Whether you’re using new or used forklifts, no matter how comfortable you are in your skills, the first thing you should always do is buckle up! Some models of forklifts don’t have seat belts, but if they do, you should use them. Otherwise, you’ll have to exercise a great deal of extra care. Driving off a loading dock can be painful or even fatal.


photo by calignosus

It doesn’t matter if you’re surrounded by workers or alone. You should always look around before moving a forklift to avoid hitting someone, damaging the forklift or merchandise, and making sure other potential hazards are well clear. Your coworkers should also be watching you to make sure they’re safely out of your way, but if you hit someone, chances are you’ll be the one in the hot seat until the accident is investigated. Knowing what’s around you can save you a lot of headaches.

One common mistake even veteran operators make is trying to lift something too heavy for the equipment they’re using. Forklifts are amazing labor-saving devices, but they have weight tolerances. Many of these tolerances and ratings tend to be on the low side, but it’s a good idea to know and follow them to make sure you don’t drop valuable equipment or worse, hurt or kill someone if the forklift’s safety mechanisms or the tines themselves fail under the load.

Safety training and constant vigilance are important when using a forklift. A safe operator will always make sure they’re following all safety protocols. For forklift sales and safety training you can have confidence in, no matter where you are in Southern California, call, click, or come by Forklift Nation for the best selection of new and used forklifts and the training to use them safely and effectively. Knowing how to operate a forklift correctly is an important skill that could make the difference between another day on the job or a tragedy.

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