Why Forklift Training Matters: Construction Equipment Dangers

Operating a California forklift is a dangerous job if the driver has not received the proper training. Forklift Nation is dedicated to improving operator safety with the right training. What are some other kinds of equipment and material that have proven to be dangerous?

(1) Vehicles

Vehicles used on-site are the main source of worker deaths and injuries. Such deaths and injuries cost companies millions in added expenses each year.

(2) Ladders

While ladders may not seem dangerous, it’s fairly easy to lose your footing and fall, which can result in serious injury if not death. The height and ladder material must be thoroughly researched before purchase, and only those who meet weight requirements should use them. Correct positioning and inspection before each use is vital.

ladder safety

(3) Flammable Liquid Gases

Petroleum and other flammable liquid gases may be utilized on-site. Spills and explosions can occur if these liquids are not properly handled.

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