How to Build a Treehouse

Welcome to our series entitled: “How to Build…” This week, we’ll briefly explain how to build a treehouse. Stay tuned for more building tips! 

Learning how to build a simple treehouse is as easy as following a few simple steps.

Treehouse in the Woods

Step 1: First, find the perfect place to build your treehouse. Look for a tree with a sturdy trunk, as well as robust, level branches that are located high enough to support your finished platform and structure.

Step 2: Next, decide how you want your treehouse to look. This will help you determine how much wood and materials you need, as well as the best ways to tackle your building project.

To stay organized during construction, always cut your timber and organize your materials before starting your build.

Step 3: Now that your materials are prepared, you can start building. Always remain mindful of safety during your build, as even falling from a few feet can cause injury. Remaining flexible in your decision making will help you overcome any unforeseen problems that arise during construction.

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