Is it Better to Rent or Buy a Forklift?

You’ve got a lot of things to move. Or maybe just one big thing. The problem is, moving all those small things or that one big thing by hand would take forever, assuming of course that you could in the first place. The obvious solution is to get a forklift, but you don’t have anyone in your organization who’s certified to operate one. Plus, you’re tightening your financial belt like everyone else while you weather the rough economy. Is renting or buying a forklift more economical? And what can you do to get your employees forklift certified without throwing even more money down the hole?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Every business is different, as is every task. Sometimes, you may just need a forklift for a day. But if you see a recurring need for heavy moving equipment, you would be wise to consider investing in a forklift for day-to-day use. Forklift rentals are a cost-effective alternative to the monetary outlay of buying a forklift outright, especially if you only need one occasionally. Forklift Nation both sells and rents the most top-of-the-line, reliable and durable forklifts and other warehouse tools and implements, and we can even train your employees to operate them!

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photo by George L Smyth

Whether you need a pallet jack for an afternoon or you see a long-term need to invest in a forklift to keep on the premises of your factory, warehouse, or other business, Forklift Nation is here to help. We have all the tools, parts, and supplies you need to cut that big moving job down to size. Let’s be honest: this is an imperfect world. Things go wrong, and even the toughest machines break down from time to time. At Forklift Nation, we stand behind every machine we lease or sell with trained, skilled service professionals who can service your forklift if anything goes wrong.

At Forklift Nation, we’ve worked hard to establish our reputation as the premier source for Los Angeles forklifts and warehouse accessories. Whether you need dock equipment, training and certification for your in-house operators, standard and custom attachments for your forklift, or a heavy-duty pallet jack, we have everything you need to keep your business running smoothly.

So when you ask yourself if you’d be better off renting or buying a forklift, look at your business and the projected need and demand for the future. Then call, click, or come by Forklift Nation, and let us show you how we can help you choose the right forklift for all your company’s needs!