New Diesel Forklift Designed for Low Emissions

With all the talk of going green and lowering CO2, what can you, a diesel forklift operator/owner, do to conserve? You still need the strength capacity and durability of a diesel engine, and you don’t plan on your business slowing down anytime soon. There must be some sort of compromise.

The new Tonero diesel engine from Toyota Material Handling in Europe is working on just such a solution. Its 2013 model offers 8{20514508106287dfb893bed48a1dcd27cc0807a1f06d58e7551de6b0ad5aea3a} percent improved fuel efficiency while still offering the power of 1.5t to 3.5t diesel forklifts. The company says it will offer the new forklift for sale in the 2013 lineup.

Besides severely cutting down on emissions, the efficiency can save businesses money on operating expenses. An even cooler feature is that they are designed to be 99 percent recyclable at the end of their life, making forklift repairs a thing of the past.

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