Orange County Forklift Operators

The Forklift Nation Warehouse Equipment Provider can provide you with forklift rent to own machinery, forklift operator training courses and much more regarding warehouse tools, machinery and equipment. Whether its heavy duty aluminum dock boards or industry quality batteries for your heavy machinery, we have all the heavy duty equipment you will need to run a fast, efficient and safe warehouse. Also, our Orange County forklift operator training courses can help your workers gain certification and train them on how to operate newer equipment if you decide to upgrade your warehouse machinery. So, come to our website at and take a look at all the warehouse equipment and machinery we provide.


A safe warehouse is an effective warehouse. If your workers are unable to do their job safely not only does it make your job site a more dangerous workplace but it can also slow down the team, and thus the entire operation. Even if one person is unable to do their job following the proper safety procedures, they run the risk of harming others and putting them in danger. Especially with heavy machinery, like forklifts and cranes, you want your workers to know exactly how to responsibly operate their heavy machinery. Not only does Forklift Nation Warehouse Equipment Provider Company hold courses in Orange County, we also offer Rancho Cucamonga forklift and Riverside forklift operator courses as well.

Our forklift operator training courses are available to anyone who wants to become a certified forklift operator. It is against the law to have an employee working as a forklift operator without proper certification and licensing. The fines for improper forklift operations are heavy and no one should waste time or money doing the wrong thing. Our courses can teach you how to effectively operate a forklift as well as learn the proper safety procedures in case something was to go wrong. These courses can help to save the lives of your employees as well as make your warehouse fast, reliable and an efficient operation

For your entire warehouse needs, visit the Forklift Nation website and take a look at our large selection of warehouse equipment. Our inventory includes all sorts of equipment such as eye wash stations, pallet jacks and so much more for your warehouse. We carry heavy duty equipment that is meant to handle rough work loads and last a long time. The more useful tools and equipment you have in your warehouse, the more quickly and easily you can get the job done. We also sell used working machinery and equipment as well as provide you with a rent to own policy for our forklifts and other heavy machinery. Also, if you need parts for your forklifts and warehouse equipment carry a line of high quality replacement parts for your machinery.

So, for more information regarding our warehouse equipment and machinery give us a call at (888) 329-5438 or contact us through our website. While you are there, take a look at our inventory.